About Us

For more than ten years Kyros Development has been known for providing exceptional

architectural/engineering and construction services across the United States. As a company that takes pride and deditcation in our clients, we have built our reputation predominantly on modern design as well as planning and consulting state-of-the-art facilities.

Our company handles every client uniquely, every facility constructed by Kyros Development

is utilized attentively and knowledgable within the clients inclination by our experienced staff of

architechts, interior designers and administrative personnel located in Columbus, Ohio. By

providing comprehensive architectural and engineering services, and utilizing our past experience

and proven resources, we are able to develop innovative solutions for our clients. In doing

so our company has earned respect among many Decision Makers across the

United States for our ability to negotiate affordable services, seek competitive bids, and

providing clear and easy to read valid construction contract documentations.

Throughout the past decade, Kyros Development has worked diligently with various Colleges/Universities,

Religous Worship Facilities, Healthcare Institutions, and Airports; including Port Columbus Intl. Airport.

Kyros Development understands that today's clients require contemporary designs to fit their needs

as well as budgets, which is why we take pride as Architects, Engineers and Contractors. No idea is too small or too large,

no concept or style is ever inadequite. Our company seeks clientel who are dedicated to their word

and ready to take their idea to the next level.

As the world becomes more knowledgable Kyros Development plans on learning with it.

More and more technology is created every day to help people of the world perform their careers more diligiently and with a better value. Kyros Development takes adavantage of these technologies to provide better services for our customers. Which is why we have been a member of the U.S Green Building Council since 2007. For the next century, we plan on using our experience and comprehensive understanding for the industry to go beyond the outlook.






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